Creamy Mango Green Smoothie


Out of everything I eat green smoothies are something my Dad out right refuses to try, he says its the colour.  He’s not the only person in my family to refuse and its fair enough, I’ve seen how happy a bowl of Kelloggs makes him.  I wouldn’t let the colour put you off though, especially with this recipe because it contains two pieces of fruit which completely disguises any hint of spinach.  I think green smoothies are lovely so depending on how I feel I’ll either have one on its own or with some home made granola on top.  Also, if you’re worried about the amount of protein in a smoothie definitely go right ahead and add some extra protein powder.
200ml Planted based milk (coconut milk, almond milk)
2 handfuls of spinach
1 banana
1/2 mango
1 heaped tbsp cashew butter

I always put the milk in first with the banana and mango and blend these together as they take the longest to break down.  Then I add the cashew butter and spinach and blend for a good few minutes so it’s completely smooth.


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