Vanilla Chia Pudding


I never used to enjoy chia pudding – there was something about the gel like consistency that confused me.

Since experimenting with being vegan my body (I think) has missed the protein and fatty acids it was getting from fish.  As a substitute I created a vanilla based recipe that I’d like, to get these micronutrients from another food.  I have felt SO much better this week.

Ingredients (this recipe makes two servings – bake once eat twice, right?):
-4 tbsp chia pudding
-250g cashew milk (or any other milk you like but cashew milk is super creamy)
-1/2 tsp vanilla powder (1 tsp vanilla essence)
-1 tbsp brown rice malt syrup (or any other natural sweetener – optional)
-I tbsp cashew butter

In a bowl or air tight container mix all the ingredients over night and leave in the fridge.  Give it a good stir or the chia seeds will stick to the bottom and won’t absorb the milk properly.  Add your cashew butter in the morning.  So simple – enjoy!



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