Greetings and welcome to Juicy Lucy.

After years of countless baking disasters, not to mention a lot of food sampling and over indulging (all in the name of research of course) I decided it was time to post my own recipes.  

I am not a chef or a nutritionist, I’m just someone who decided to change the unhealthy habits I’d developed and live a more wholesome life.  I currently live in London and spend my time baking, exercising, daydreaming, balancing a nine to five job and drinking the occasional coffee.  I do not follow a specific lifestyle, although I don’t eat meat, I just try to avoid processed food and refined sugar.  This is why all my recipes use whole foods as opposed to over packaged products.

I like to think of Juicy Lucy as a place people can come to for inspiration on healthy recipes, without judgements or opinions being imposed.  I truly believe in balance when it comes to almost everything.

Thank you dearly for stopping by my site and good luck with your own kitchen adventures and journey to health.

Much love



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